International Forum with a interactive exhibition with AR technologies based on the CHRNBL App
International Forum with a interactive exhibition with AR technologies based on the CHRNBL App
Download CHRNBL app

and visit a unique interactive exhibition and explore CHRNBL virtually and for free:

  • portals to the famous cities of Chornobyl
  • 3D models of artifacts
  • declassified KGB documents
  • pollution maps
  • guide to the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone
  • all information about the past, present and future of Chornobyl.



CHRNBL is a unique opportunity to learn about Chernobyl in a modern augmented reality format.

Visit the exhibition - just by installing the CHRNBL application and following the instructions, scan the posters below.

Thanks to AR technologies, you will see vivid photos, be able to take photos with the sights of Chernobyl or even visit the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone virtually from anywhere in the world! Follow the CHRNBL application prompts.

Install the Ferris Wheel, ARC, Swimming Pool “Azure”, Hotel “Polissya”, exhibits of the National Museum of Chornobyl on your table and explore their exact scanned copies, examining them in detail and approaching them - take photos. Investigate historical references and declassified KGB documents, pollution maps and remote locations of the Exclusion Zone.

How It Works
Download CHRNBL app
You can download the supplements from the website, APP STORE and PLAY MARKET
In application, select the EXHIBITION and after a VIRTUAL
Download content of Exhibition
Click the icon of DOWNLOAD the content of the exhibition. Wait for the download
Scan the posters at screen
Scan images, see how posters come to life, install 3D models, open portals in Chernobyl
Виставка у мобільному додатку Chornobyl App - Механіка роботи

/CHRNBL Forum 2021

More than 50 experts from 15 countries, during 5 days of the international forum CHRNBL, talk about the impact of Chernobyl on humanity
Scientists, liquidators, representatives of state and cultural organizations talk about current scientific and cultural projects of Chernobyl, the problems of reintegration of victims and liquidators, the disclosure of secret KGB documents fakes and manipulations in USSR, and the possibility of modern technologies to study and preserve our history.

Join the CHRNBL forum right now on the YouTube channel in Ukrainian and English.

Reports and discussions of experts from Ukraine, France, Japan, Brazil, Great Britain, Greece, Scotland, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Spain, Slovenia, Canada, Belarus, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan, which allow a comprehensive immersion in the subject of Chernobyl and understand why this topic is so important today.
/CHRNBL - Міжнародний форум Чорнобиля та онлайн виставки у 15 країнах
Chornobyl cloud over Europe
Culture / New technologies / Science
Media literacy / Liquidators and victims
Valeriy Korshunov
CHRNBL, NGO European Institute of Chornobyl, Artefact, Sounds of Chornobyl
Sveta Korshunova
CHRNBL, ARTEFACT, NGO European Institute of Chornobyl
Olena Parenuk
PhD, ISP NPP NASU and NUBiP of Ukraine
Alyona Romanuk
Behind the news
What you need to know about Chornobyl

The Chernobyl disaster violated the fundamental foundations of humanity in spiritual, social, cultural, economic and environmental aspects. We have a large and complex set of problems to solve which require resources and knowledge of the world community

300 Hiroshima

The power of the radioactive release
1 747 803

Victims on 01.07.2020
185 206

Living liquidators of the Chornobyl accident in Ukraine
330 298

With the status of child victims
We thank all the partners who helped to implement this project
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